Consider whether your home can comfortably accommodate a Giant Schnauzer’s needs. You will need to have an outside area like a garden or yard so you can let it out, sometimes at short notice to do its toilet, perhaps in the middle of night. This area needs to be secure and escape proof.

If you live in a flat (apartment), you should think carefully about the responsibilty of having one. Similarly, if you live in rented accommodation you should first consider whether dogs are permitted by your landlord and think very carefully about the possibility that your landlord may want your accommodation back and that you might have to move.

You need to consider your neighbours, especially if you live in terraced or semi-detached accommodation. While they remain quiet most of the time, they do tend to go absolutely berserk when anyone arrives, like the postman or visitors. Giant Schnauzers have large chests and and a deafening bark to to match. Hopefully, you will have dog owning or tolerant neighbours who will be sympathetic to these momentary outbursts.

Like many breeds, Giant Schnauzer puppies may go through a temporary destructive phase.

You need to be aware that Giant Schnauzers love to play in mud, ditches, ponds and the like. If you are house proud, you will have your work cut out keeping your home clean and tidy. The amount of dirt they bring home is proportionate to their size.

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