A Giant Schnauzer needs to be an appropriate choice for your lifestyle. They are sociable, exceptionally intelligent and cannot be left alone for long periods without suffering distress. If your work pattern means that there is no one at home for many hours at a time and you cannot take your dog to work with you or arrange for someone else to look after it, then a Giant Schnauzer is not for you.

You need also to consider your holiday arrangements and how you will provide for your dog’s accommodation when you are away.

Giant Schnauzers generally love children but if you are raising a family, you ought to consider whether you can cope with the additional workload introduced by the needs of a large dog, particularly if you have very young children.

Be prepared for the fact that your Giant Schnauzer will demand plenty of exercise. It will not care if it’s raining, if the ground is covered in mud or if it’s knee deep in snow. It will want to go out for its walks regardless, 365 days a year. If you enjoy long walks on the beach or in the countryside, you will love this breed. In return for this commitment, your Giant Schnauzer will repay you by ensuring that you too remain healthy and you will find that you need to visit your doctor less.

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