Moose and his sister Rin arrive at Moose’s new home

When you first collect your new Giant Schnauzer puppy, it is important to provide safe and suitable transport arrangements.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a dog crate to keep your puppy secure. The crate needs to be securely anchored in your vehicle so that it it won’t move when you accelerate or when you apply your brakes. This can be done using bungees. You should provide bedding on the floor of the crate to provide a non-slip and comfortable resting place and in sufficient quantity that it too cannot slide around. The door of the crate will need to be securely fastened so that the puppy cannot escape.

On anything more than a very short journey, you should consider that your puppy will need water and toilet breaks and, if the journey is long enough, will need to be provided with food. You will need take a lead and small puppy collar so that you can hold it while it does its toilet during stops.

If there is more than one person traveling, you may prefer to do parts or all of the trip with the puppy on the passengers lap in the back of the car. Be aware however, that your puppy may decide that it needs to go to the toilet and may not respect your car or clothing. Don’t consider making the trip without taking a crate so you have the option of returning the puppy to the crate.

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