Arnie plays with puppy Moose

Like human children, puppies need exercise or they will become bored, increasing the likelihood of puppy damage to your home. An appropriately exercised puppy is likely to sleep afterwards and will give you an easy life.

It is very important not to over-walk your puppy while it is young and its growing bones are still soft. Typically you should be very careful in its first six months of life. Failure to observe this precaution may cause joint damage which will show later in its adult life. It is best to walk your puppy in areas of soft ground such as fields and woodland, avoiding long walks on hard pavements. Under no circumstances should you cycle or jog with a puppy.

Some owners become worried about whether their puppy will run away when it is first let off the lead. Do not be concerned about this. Take your puppy to the local woods as soon as it has had its vaccinations, let it off the lead on day one and you will find it will stick with. In any event, your puppy will not be able to run fast. Getting your puppy used to being with you off the lead from an early stage is well worth while.

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